Dental Implants in Darien

Dental Implants in Darien

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Multiple teeth implants in Darien

Do you have two or more missing teeth? Any multiple teeth replacements, up to and including a full upper or lower plate, can be done with dental implants. Here at Darien Dental, you are assured of gentle, skilled care when it comes to implants, whether for single teeth or multiple ones.

What makes our dental implants in Darien so much more valuable than the more traditional types of fixed bridges and removable dentures is that they are not simply cosmetic placeholders that sit on top of your gums. Instead, they are anchored beneath your gum line and all the way into your jaw. That’s a reliable foundation that means you can chew any food, even tough and crunchy items, with full confidence. Our dental implants in Darien won’t move around on you, or slide. You’re ability to speak will not be impeded, nor will there be that telltale alteration in how you talk that can alert people to the fact that you have dentures. There is no messy adhesives to use, and your other teeth will not be affected by your implants. Come in for a consultation and examination, during which you’ll find out if you’re a good candidate for implants. The titanium posts that are used to replace the roots your original teeth had are placed in your jaw bone, where your tissue grows around it and fuses with it. Fixed bridges are like single dental implants, with the crown cemented to the implant post. Removable dentures snap onto the posts. And for maximum efficiency, you won’t need to have a post for every tooth being replaced.

If you’re interested in our dental implants in Darien, why not reach out to us right now and arrange an appointment? You deserve a full smile and the ability to eat any food you want. And now you can have both.

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